Alternative Dispute Resolution


California Construction Dispute Resolution Attorney

Contract Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration A dispute can arise suddenly and without warning in any construction project despite the existence of detailed schedules and expertly-drafted contracts. Whe ... Read more

Resolving Commercial Construction Disputes

How Commercial Construction Disputes May Be Resolved While commencement of commercial construction projects is typically (or, at the very least, should be) preceded by the execution of a well-drafted ... Read more

What to Do When Business Partners Do Not Agree

Partnerships are one type of business entity available to entrepreneurs. A partnership can be formed at any time when two or more individuals agree to pursue a business venture for the purposes of mak ... Read more

ADR Services That Work Best

ADR Services – What Works Best in Your Situation? Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) forms can be quite helpful for business owners who find themselves ensnared in legal disputes and conflicts ... Read more

What Happens in a Legal Mediation Proceeding?

There are several ways that a business dispute can be resolved, but litigation is usually not the preferred method for doing so. While many businesses will enter the courtroom in order to protect thei ... Read more

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