Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Firms in Ashburn, VA 
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When a couple decides to legally end their marriage without the stress and financial burden of litigation, there are options available that can minimize the time, costs and risk to both individuals in ... Read more

Philadelphia Business Lawyers: Police and Fire CBA

“Policemen or firemen employed by a political subdivision of the Commonwealth or by the Commonwealth, through labor organizations or other representatives designated by fifty percent or more of ... Read more

Divorce Costs

How much a divorce costs depends on several factors. One of the most important is how much the spouses can agree on, whether through a prenuptial agreement, through negotiations or via alternative ... Read more

Divorce, Children and, Of Course, Your Pets!

Manypeople share a close and loving bond with their pets, viewing them as unique and special family members. If the pet owners file for divorce in Florida (and most other states), it can be quite a sh ... Read more

Divorce and Pets in a Childless Marriage

When a divorcing couple has a pet, but no children, the pet can very quickly assume center stage in a fight for“custody”of the beloved pet.The warring parties may each envision convincing ... Read more

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